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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Teacher Slashed With Machete In Osun State As Fighting Breaks Out Over Educational Reforms

Fakunle High School 
Osun State parents and students are protesting the new educational reforms as fighting are breaking out.
As earlier revealed by SaharaReporters,  the new education reforms policy not only merged schools with different missions and faiths but re-classified grades which is causing students to fight each other over seniority.
The re-classifying policy brought students at one higher class together with those in a junior class with senior students exercising their authority over the junior ones.
Fighting has been breaking out all over the state. 
A fight broke out among students at Oshogbo Grammar School which resulted in bloodshed not only among students but a teacher, Mr. Thompson Olamoyegun, was cut with a machete by some of the students.
A parent said the State PTA meeting was going on in the school when the fighting broke out which caused
the meeting to end abruptly.
"We thought Mr. Thompson was dead because he has stopped breathing."
Another source at Oshogbo said the teacher only fainted.  Thompson was taken to hospital and returned from hospital with parts of his body bandaged due to the severe injuries he had sustained from the machete attack.
Protests broke out over the closing down of Fukunle Comprehensive High School in Oshogbo.  The space will be used for a Shoprite Mall or a parking lot, a development project of APC chieftain, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.  Fakunle students are now attending other schools in the area.
"That is just one of the scams by the State Governor Aregbesola. You'll be shocked at the billions of Naira he is enriching his son with through the Opon-Imo project he initiated," a source familiar with the Governor’s programs told SaharaReporters. He added the Governor is also enriching cronies by giving them monopoly to manufacture school uniform throughout the State.
'Sam and Sara’ ventures has been identified in the 'Omoluabi' uniform making scheme.
Another riot is reported to have broken out among students at St. Mark Grammar School.  Sources claim one student died.
At Baptist High School, students are fighting each weekly and policeman have been brought in to keep the peace.  Students and management are protesting their merger with students and management from other schools with different religious backgrounds.
"Our fear has grown more for our children with the brawls," a parent said, adding that she had advised her children to change their routes to and from schools, and also to take off their school uniforms due to possible ambushes by angry students.
Osun State Government has been trying to limit media exposure to the crisis.
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Raw Copy : See Obasanjo's historic Letter to President Goodluck Jonathan

On 2nd December, this year, an apparently angry and frustrated ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo wrote to President Goodluck Jonathan, a letter that clearly competes as one of the most acerbic in modern history, accusing him of ineptitude and of taking actions calculated at destroying Nigeria.
“Nigeria is bleeding and the hemorrhage must be stopped,” Mr. Obasanjo said in the 18-page letter he titled “Before It Is Too Late” exclusively obtained by PREMIUM TIMES Tuesday.
He said Mr. Jonathan has failed to deliver on his promises to the Nigerian people, stem corruption, promote national unity and strengthen national security.
He said that rather than take steps to advance Nigeria’s interest and up the standards of living of Nigerians, Mr. Jonathan had betrayed God and the Nigerian people that brought him to power, and has been pursuing selfish personal and political interests based on advice he receives from “self-centred aides”.
See more of the Letter below:

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